Two Angry Gamers

Apex Season 5 Week 1 Quest! #ad
This video is sponsored by EA! Apex Legends Season 5 Week 1 is finished so Bong is giving us a look at the first PVE Quest and a general recap of what's in ...
Lotta Love for Loba - APEX LEGENDS SEASON 5! #Ad
Thanks to EA for sponsoring this video! Apex Legends season 5 is here! Loba has arrived! New battlepass! New(ish) map! New memes! Lets dive in.
LADS ON TOUR - Zombie Army 4 (#Ad)
Thanks to Rebellion for sponsoring! Check out Zombie Army 4 here! - Some cheeky highlights from Chapter 1 of our zombie adventure!
TAG & Zotac Gaming - RTEGGS ON!
The SUPER power of RTX gaming is here.. Thanks to Zotac Gaming! The difference is astounding. Check out the Zotac Gaming range here ...
Intel Core Labs - Inside the Magic!
Its time to take a look inside the magic of INTEL CORE LABS.. What Intel core is right for you? Lets find out together! Check out all things Intel here ...
DOOM ETERNAL - Super Shotgun Slayer!
DOOM ETERNAL! Got the chance to play some recently and it was LOVELY. Super shotgun for the win. Enjoy! No Commentary version here ...
BFV PACIFIC PUNISHMENT - Powered By Origin Access!
Get Origin Access here! - RIGHT We had a right old frolick on Battlefield V's new pacific theatre on stream recently courtest of EA ACCESS!
Two Angry Gamers, Intel, & The Power of the 8 Cores.
What mysteries lurk in the deepest core of the Intel I9 9900k. LETS FIND OUT. Check out Intels gaming page here! - Live on twitch daily ...