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Why Buy from GLHF?


With so many other online PC retailers offering gaming computers, why should you buy from GLHF?


Here are a few reasons why:


Bang for Buck

First and foremost... Value for money. Time and time again, people get ripped off buying at big chain stores. You end up paying sometimes double than what you should for a system. GLHF Computers want to stop that. I want to debunk this old fashioned myth that a new PC will set you back hundreds of pounds.


Every PC that GLHF build is made up of components that are carefully selected for each price bracket. My philosophy with PCs is why spend when you don't have to. I look at the components that are going to bring you the best price for performance based on your budget and not simply the most expensive ones for the sake of it.

I also constantly test my systems and keep up to speed with current and future hardware performance so you can feel safe that you are getting the best possible value for money.


An eye for Quality

Believe it or not I actually love building PCs. I will enjoy building your system and shipping it off to you as much as you will when you boot it up for the first time. Every system is expertly put together and cable managed for maximum airflow and looks. I also take the time to update the BIOS of your motherboard to the latest version and if I am installing an operating system, you will definitely have the latest drivers and software installed at the point of dispatch. Your PC will arrive at your door tidy and ready to go.


Testing and Stability

Whether you are gaming, rendering video or simply browsing the web you have to  have maximum stability.


To ensure the stability of a GLHF system, I will put it through a lengthy testing process. This begins with the simple things that others may overlook such as if the DVD Drive is working, the audio ports are functioning or if all the USB Ports are operating correctly. Once all the basics are covered I run sythentic and gaming benchmarks to ensure that the system is performing as it should be expected to.


Following this I use the Prime 95 64Bit stability test... A program that works all of your CPU cores and Memory to the absolute limit. The test is run for several hours and in turn this produces a large amount of heat. With these results I can conclude that the system is stable or needs some more work in the BIOS, and I will endeavour to obtain an excellent result.


GLHF Computers can assure you that when a system leaves our place of business it will be 24/7 stable, 100% working and ready for use!


Informative and Available

If you want to know something about PCs and can't find it on the website, dont be afraid to give me a call or send us a lovely email. I will help in any way I can, whether you want some information on a specific system we sell or would just like some free advice... just give me a call and I will be more than happy to help. I actually like talking about computers and sharing my knowledge as much as I can.


I am also available when others are not. If you want to call me at 8pm in the evening then go ahead. If you have a computer emergency and are looking for a quick fix then give me a bell and see if I can help you with some free advice.


Keeping it Simple

If you don't know much about PCs, the worst thing anyone can do is shove a load of jargon in your face. As you can see from the website, I like to keep it simple and communicate with you on your terms. If you dont understand what something means or would just like a little more information then please email or call and I will do my best to help you out!



GLHF Computers will make every effort to ensure that when a PC arrives at your house it will be 100% stable and ready for use. However, problems may arise from software installations or any rare and unexpected hardware issues. If such a problem occurs I will be on hand immediately to help you fix the problem over the phone and get you back up to speed again. If your PC suffers a critical failure within the first 30 days - ie: It wont turn on at all,  send it back to me and I will fix the problem for you at no extra cost. I will also deliver it back to your chosen address.


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