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17/12/2011 - New Systems coming soon!

We have got a few new systems and prices coming up on the site towards the end of this week so make sure to look out for them :)


23/10/2011 - Thailand Flooding - Hard Drive production halted.

All PCs back online and available to order now after temporarily being disabled. PC prices have been slightly increased to offset the overnight price increase on Hard Drives:


Severe Flooding in Thailand has caused three of the biggest Hard Drive manufacturers in the world to cease production - Western Digital, Seagate and Hitachi are all badly affected and due to stock shortages and lack of production Hard Drive prices have shot up by 45-50% overnight.


Check out this post from www.ft.com on the flooding



All systems are temporarily disabled whilst prices are re-adjusted due to global Hard Drive shortages and price increases!



Big updates to the website and plenty of new systems on the way :)



New systems added to High and LAN categories today with top value components!



Congratulations to Joe Williams who won a free copy of Dirt3 through our facebook page. Make sure you like and get the chance to win more stuff in the future!


Check out our detailed video guide on how to overclock an Intel i5 2500K processor to 4.5 GHZ stable on Air cooling!




Two new videos up on the GLHF youtube channel today! They are both videos showing you the sort of performance you can expect from our new 2500K OC system. Check them out below!




Have a look at our article on the best Free PC games you can play in 2011. The ones that are actually good :P



The GLHF AMD ECO PC is now only £270! We have slashed the original £300 pricetag to deliver you the best possible value for your money. We will also be publishing an article soon on the top 10 free PC games you could enjoy on a GLHF system :)



Have a look at the new GLHF I5 2500K OC system. This PC is packed full of bang for buck components. It includes an i5 2500K processor overclocked to 4.5ghz and the amazing Nvidia GTX 560 Ti Graphics card. Coupled with 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz memory and a reliable 600Watt Corsair Power Supply you wont find a better prebuilt i5 2500K system cheaper than this. To top it off the price has also been reduced to £660...



Check out our new Intel Eco PC gaming system. This PC is the successor to our AMD ECO PC and features an Intel Sandybridge processor. This PC also includes the powerful GTX 550Ti Graphics card and 4GB DDR3 Memory. All this for only £355!


Due to many requests we have added an overclocked LAN PC to the store. This system is perfect for you LAN gamers who love Counterstrike and love LAN. The PC contains an intel i5 2500k CPU overclocked to 4.4ghz and also a 1GB GTX 460 Graphics card for all of your High Def games. Mobility and speed.


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